Certification and Tenure Information

Level I to Level II

Instructional Level I to Level II

Pennsylvania has two (2) levels of certification. The initial Level I certificate is valid for six (6) years of service, in which during that time frame you must complete the established requirements. Once those requirements are completed, you may then convert your Level I certificate to a Level II certificate, refer here for more information on the Pennsylvania's Department of Education (PDE) website.

If you do not convert your Level I certificate, it will lapse and you may no longer be employed in a Pennsylvania public school.


  • Three (3) years of satisfactory service in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in a public school entity (refer here for calculating credible service)
  • Twenty-four (24) post-baccalaureate credits
  • PDE induction program verified by the chief school administrator of your employing entity 
  • Assessments


Administrative/Supervisory Level I to Level II

Depending on the code of your certificate, the service years will vary. During your valid years of service, you must complete the established requirements or your Level I certificate will expire and you may no longer be employed in a Pennsylvania public school, please refer here for more information on PDE.

In accordance with ACT 45 of 2007, if you are employed as a principal, vice principal, or assistant principal in a public school in Pennsylvania for the first time after January 1, 2008, you must meet the following requirements to convert your Administrative I certificates to Administrative II:

  • Complete three (3) years of satisfactory service on the PA Administrative I certificate; and
  • Complete the PDE approved PA Inspired Leadership (PIL) Induction Program


Level II Process

  1. Login to the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS), complete your application and pay the required fee (please refer here).
  2. Submit required documents directly to PDE (coversheet and official transcripts).
  3. Ask your supervisor to complete the PDE 427 Instructional I to Instructional II Assessment and submit to Human Resources.
  4. Once you have received your Level II Certification, email [email protected] so we may update your personal file. PDE does not notify the school district.

 * It may take between four (4) to six (6) weeks for your application to be reviewed by PDE.


Out-of-State Educators

A Pennsylvania certification is required to qualify for employment. If you currently have an out-of-state certification or license, please refer here to apply for a PA Certificate.



Emergency Certifications

An emergency permit may be requested for an individual to serve as a day-to-day substitute. For more information on length of validity and guidelines for issuance or reissuance, please refer here.

Day-to-Day Substitute:

  • If you already have a Pennsylvania public educator certificate, you may be eligible to become a day-to-day substitute.
  • If you do not hold the proper certification but have a conferred bachelor's degree, we can hire you by requesting an emergency permit.
    • Please contact your college/university and request that they email your transcripts to [email protected].
  • Requirements for day-to-day substitutes:
    • Valid Pennsylvania educator certificate or emergency permit
    • Bachelor's degree (or foreign equivalency) if not certified
    • Background clearances (please refer here to our clearances page for more information)
    • U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien status (green card)

 * Interested in becoming an Abington Heights substitute? Apply here!



Tenure is a status enjoyed by professional employees that provides enhanced protection from termination of employment and layoffs. After a successful completion of a three (3) year probationary period in a school district or intermediate unit, temporary employees may attain tenure and become professional employees.

How to obtain tenure in Pennsylvania:

  • Must have three (3) years of continuous service
  • Satisfactory rating during the last four (4) months prior to obtaining tenure
  • Time counted toward tenure MUST be at the same institution
  • Can be granted for part-time or full-time employees
  • Must be working during the entire duration of the three (3) year probationary period to be granted tenure
  • Substitute teaching (in any capacity) does not count towards tenure
  • Tenure is granted automatically once requirements have been met

* For more information on tenure, please see here for the Public School Code of 1949.