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Abington Heights Transportation Department
Students are assigned yearly to the bus stop closest to their home.
If your child needs alternative bus stops, please contact the transportation office via phone or email to make these arrangements.
The transportation office will let you know if your request is approved and assign your child to the appropriate bus lists.
Emergency and Traffic Alerts
High School Bus 16 AM and Bus 37 PM will have a location change for a scheduled bus stop. Beginning Tuesday, December 11th the bus stop located at N Abington Rd and Oakford Rd will be relocated to N Abington Rd and Meadowside Dr. The morning bus will arrive approximately 10 minutes earlier. The afternoon bus will have no change in drop off time.
Pennsylvania's School Bus Stopping Law
Lost Items
Items left on district school buses are held by the driver at the front of the bus. Please have your child talk to the driver to claim their possessions.