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Meeting Information

over 2 years ago

Addressing the School Board

Citizens are welcome to attend public meetings of the Board to observe the outcome of matters referred to the School Directors by the Superintendent of Schools. Public comment is permitted at the meetings. The President of the School Board will recognize citizens who wish to address agenda items prior to the start of the business meeting. Due to the length of most Board meetings, persons addressing the School Board are limited to three minutes.

Board members are well prepared to answer questions regarding policy, finance, and philosophy. Matters that cannot be resolved at the individual school level should be brought to the attention of the Superintendent, who will take care of the matter himself or assign a staff member to do so. Most problems can be solved in this manner.

Citizens are welcome to submit written statements expressing opinions or asking questions at any time, and they will receive responses.

When the Board begins the regular meeting agenda, the public is welcome to observe, but participation is limited to the time allocated for citizen input.

Meeting Dates

about 1 year ago

Abington Heights Board of School Directors will conduct Public Business Meetings for general purposes on the following dates:

All meetings will take place at 6:30 p.m. in the Administration Building, Second Floor, 200 East Grove Street, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, unless otherwise noted and advertised.

These meetings are open to the public.

Board Meeting Agenda

3 months ago

Board Agenda

June 5, 2019