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School Board
The official title of the governmental body which is legally responsible for the establishment of educational policies for the Abington Heights School District is the Board of School Directors. The Board is responsible to the state government and the local citizens for the education of pupils from kindergarten through 12th grade.
Region 1 - Abington, North Abington and Glenburn Townships; Clarks Green; Clarks Green and Clarks Summit Districts 1 & 3

Region 2 - Newton, Ransom Townships; South Abington District 2; Clarks Summit Districts 2 & 4

Region 3 - South Abington Districts 1 & 3

Members of the Board

about 1 year ago

President - Louise Brzuchalski

Vice-President - Warren Acker

Treasurer - Gregory Madensky

Secretary - Michele Tierney

Superintendent - Michael Mahon

Jeanne Cadman

Michael Fleming

Enis Murtaj

Michele Pusateri

Philip Robson