In-Person Board Meeting Update

In-Person Board Meeting Update
Posted on 08/01/2022

Dear AHSD Community,

A few announcements as we move toward our first in-person board meeting since January 19. We will continue to livestream the meetings via YouTube for our families, staff, and community members who are not able to attend in-person. The livestreaming of board meetings has generated more interest and understanding about the decisions we are making and  maintaining this access for our community is the right thing to do.  Zoom will no longer be available for public comments; however, we'll offer and accept written public comments and questions [email protected] Moving forward, I've asked our high school video production students to help provide support for our board meetings (broadcasting and facilitating online public comments). The high school team has agreed to this project and we look forward to their support at our March 16 meeting. Stay tuned, our high school production team is excellent and I am sure their support will lead to more opportunities for public participation.

In addition, we will be publishing a detailed board agenda in advance of our meetings. The detailed agenda will provide a more thorough and informative outline of our meetings.

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.

Christopher Shaffer, Ed.D.