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Drug and Alcohol Resources for Students and Parents


Please follow these links to view an excellent discussion regarding drug and alcohol use and abuse in our community and guidance for those who wish to seek help. This panel discussion took place at our high school with the 10th and 11th grade students. Dr. Lauren Hazzouri moderated the discussion which included Kevin McLaughlin (CEO of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services), Vince Carolan (private therapist), Shane Scanlon (Lackawanna Country District Attorney), and Paul Keeler (District Magistrate).

Students received an informational brochure providing guidance on how to take the first steps to addressing a problem. If you wish to receive a copy of this brochure or have questions or concerns, please contact the High School Guidance Department at 570-585-5306.

As a follow-up to our Drug and Alcohol Panel Discussion we invited a nationally renowned speaker, Jeff Yalden, to talk to students about making good decisions and adopting a positive outlook. With Mr. Yalden's permission we are able to offer you a recorded session of one of his talks. Mr. Yalden's presentation was powerful and very well received by our teachers and staff. We hope you enjoy it.


What to do if you have a problem with drugs? This is a very informative link written for adults, but certainly is relevant to anyone who may be wondering whether or not they have a problem and if so where to start when it comes to asking for help.

ADHD and Addiction-What is the risk? Studies suggest that there may be a link between having ADHD and being at risk for developing a substance abuse disorder. This resource is informative and well-written. However, it is important to note that the Abington Heights School District does not advocate or endorse any drug and alcohol treatment facility or program. This link is posted solely for its information which could be helpful for students and parents.

Perfectionism and Addiction- as our children strive toward that dream school or career, we should help teach them to create balance. This article talks about the link between perfectionism and addiction.

The Risk of Addiction in the Transgender Community

10 Reasons to Stay Sober

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