2021 School Real Estate Tax Bills

2021 Abington Heights School District Real Estate Tax Bills will be mailed August 1st via Regular US Postal Mail to Clarks Green, Clarks Summit, Glenburn, Newtown, North Abington, Ransom, and South Abington, and Waverly property owners.

Tax bills that remain unpaid at the conclusion of the penalty period, December 31st will be turned over to Portnoff Law Associates for Collections. Questions about your bill? Need to request a copy? You have not received your bill? Please contact your local tax collector. Contact information can be found here.

Real Estate Tax Bill Reminders

Attention Taxpayers! The end of the face period for real estate taxes is November 30, 2021. Original bills were mailed August 1st, and reminders have been mailed out November 15th to taxpayers whose bills remain unpaid. To check if your balance is current, contact your local tax collector. December 1st is the beginning of the 10% penalty period.

Delinquent Real Estate Taxes

Law Firm to Collect Delinquent Real Estate Taxes:

Abington Heights School District has hired Portnoff Law Associates, Ltd., to collect its delinquent real estate taxes. Each delinquent property owner will receive a notice advising him or her of the balance due. Attached to the notice will be a schedule of legal fees that Portnoff Law Associates will potentially assess against the property, if the property owner fails to respond to the notice. Recipients of the notice will be afforded a thirty (30)-day grace period within which to make payment arrangements. By placement of a toll-free telephone call, property owners with large accounts will be permitted to enter into payment arrangements of up to six (6) months. Those with legitimate hardship situations will be permitted longer term payment plans. After the grace period ends, Portnoff Law Associates, Ltd., will proceed with legal action on the unresolved accounts. Delinquent property owners who have failed to make payment arrangements or request hardship accommodations will be assessed the legal fees and costs associated with collecting on their accounts. The School District urges property owners to call the toll-free number listed on the delinquency notice within the thirty (30)-day grace period to avoid legal fees. It is the position of the School District that this is by far the fairest and most efficient method of collecting delinquent bills.