Abington Heights School District
200 East Grove Street
Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania 18411


bulletThe Abington Heights School District Administration Office is located at 200 East Grove Street, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. Office hours during the school year are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The School District telephone number is 570.586.2511. The School District offices may be contacted by phoning the following numbers:
 Superintendent of Schools: Dr. Michael Mahon  570.585.8251
 Assistant Superintendent:  Dr. Thomas Quinn  570.585.8275
 Business Manager:  James Mirabelli  570.585.8223
 Director of Technology:  John Rama  570.585.5324
 Director of Math & Science:  Rose Sember  570.585.8289
 Director of Language Arts Services/ESL Coordinator:  Victoria Jones  570.585.4324
 Director of Special Education:  David Jagger  570.585.8278
 Director of Human Resources:  Penny Ciskowski  570.585.8261
 Director of Transportation: Susan Wallace  570.585.7310
 Director of Public Relations: Judith Rhue  570.585.8268


bulletPersonnel supplying administrative services located in other areas of the School District may be contacted:
 Director of Student Services:  Peter Smith II  570.585.5307
 Director of Buildings & Grounds: Erik Elliott  570.585.8221
 Athletic Director & Director of Development:   570.585.5311
 Director of Food Services: Joanne Pesota  570.585.5309
 Computer Services: William White  570.585.5340
 Computer Services: John Moser  570.585.8285
 Computer Services: Kevin McAndrew  570.585.8285


bulletTo contact our School Principals, phone:
 High School Principal: Pamela Murray   570.585.5300
 High School Assistant Principal:  Andrew Snyder   570.585.5300
High School Assistant Principal:  Marc Wyandt   570.585.5300
 Middle School Principal:  Michael Elia   570.586.1281

 Middle School Assistant Principal:  Eduardo Antonetti

 South Abington Elementary:  Robert Bugno   570.585.2100
 Waverly Elementary Principal: Steven Aquilina   570.585.6300
 Clarks Summit Elementary Principal:  Steven Aquilina   570.585.7300
 Newton-Ransom Elementary Principal: Robert Bugno   570.585.8300


bulletTo contact our Subject Area Coordinator, phone:
 World Languages:  Marcy Antinnes Curra  570.585.5317