Bodyweight Exercise Routines:


 Using a little imagination and a willingness to challenge yourself, the combination of bodyweight exercises can be limitless. There is simply no way that you could ever get board or stale using these exercises. Coach Hoover and I have been changing our routines for the past couple of years. We are doing routines now that we would never have thought possible when we started. Start with your fitness level and then begin to challenge yourself with a real puker once a week. From there, you can begin to add reps, change routines, add exercises such as chin ups, dips, rope climbs, and hill sprints. You will get in great shape, increase flexibility, and gain strength!

Beginner's Routines:

A great way to begin your conditioning program is to start with what Matt Furey refers to as "The Royal Court." The Royal Court consists of three exercises: The Bridge, Hindu Squats, and Hindu Pushups. Never, ever ignore the King of All Exercises; the Bridge. In fact, we recommend beginning every workout, even if it is taking a jog, with at least a three minute back bridge.

If you are just starting, a 1-minute back bridge may be a challenge. Set a timer and get up into a back bridge and go as long as you can. Record your time. Every day following, add 2 seconds to your back bridge.

You will do the same with Hindu Squats and Hindu Pushups. Crank out as many Hindu Squats as possible. Record your reps and then add one rep every workout following. Do the same with Hindu Pushups. If you begin with twenty Hindu Squats and add one rep every day for a month, you will be up to a respectable 50 reps of Hindu Squats.

Once you can crank out 100 Hindu Squats in one set and 50 Hindu Pushups in one set, you are ready to start mixing things up by adding routines.

Routine #1: Killer 200 Pushup Workout:

3 minute back bridge

100 Hindu Squats

50 Hindu Pushups

German 50: 10 Elbows in, 10 hand over hand, 10 Superman, 10 hands wide, 10 hands backwards performed in a row, without stopping.

25 Hindu Pushups with feet 10" apart

25 Hindu Pushups with feet together

25 Hindu Pushups with hands and feet together

25 fingertip Hindu Pushups

3 minute back bridge, 3 minute front bridge

Routine #2: 

3 Minute Back Bridge

100 Hindu Squats

10  Grasshoppers

35 Bootstrappers

10 Kneeling Back Bends

20 Hindu Jumper Squats

10 Mountain Climbers

Moderate-Advanced Difficulty Routines:

Now that you understand the exercises, you can be as creative as you want to combine them. Decide prior to your workout what goals you want to hit and write them down. This way, once your body gets tired, you will be less inclined to begin to delete certain exercises. There are so many ways to challenge yourself at this point that the possibilities are endless. I will give you a few good ones that I like, but feel free to write up your own and keep the ones that leave you heaving.

Routine #1:

50/50/50: 50 Hackenschmidtt Squats, 50 Hindu Jumper Squats, 50 Hindu Squats. Perform all three in a row, resting no more than a minute between exercises.

50 Hindu Pushups

German 50: 10 elbows in pushups, 10 hand over hand pushups, 10 extended "superman" pushups, 10 hands wide pushups, 10 hands backwards pushups performed without stopping.

*Hoover added another 10 pushups to the German 50 just to be a jerk. We'll refer to this as the Newton 60: 10 elbows in, 10 hand over hand, 10 superman, 10 hands wide, 10 hands back, and 10 fingertip.

10 Reverse pushups

10 Tablemakers

10 Hindu Pushups with feet 10" apart

10 Hindu Pushups with feet together, hands together

10 Hindu fingertip pushups

2 Minute backbridge

Routine #2

Find a wall your mom won't mind getting scuffed up and take a shot at this one.

1 minute handstand 3X. Rest no more than one minute between handstands.

10 Wall Walks.

1 minute backwards handstand: get into pushup position with feet on wall. Walk your feet up the wall and hands back toward the wall until your chest is touching the wall. Hold for one minute, walk back down to pushup.

5 Backwards handstands/pushups: Walk into the backwards handstand, walk back to pushup, do five pushups. Walk right back up to backwards handstand and repeat for five total reps.

Wall Walk into backbridge. Hold for 3 minutes.

100 Hindu Squats

Routine #3: Intro to Ladders

Russian athletes had kept this secret to themselves until the Iron Curtain fell, and for good reason. The idea of a "true" ladder is to perform the same exercise many times over the course of many sets. The athlete is never to perform a set to failure. A good example might be that an athlete performs 30 pushups every hour of his waking day. If you figure that the athlete gets up at 7:00 and goes to bed at 10:00. That is 15 hours=15 sets of 30 pushups for a total of 450 pushups! You could do this every day for weeks and weeks without feeling fatigued and still gaining strength.

This Ladder is condensed, but still uses the same concept.

3 minute backbridge

20 Hindu Pushups/ 20 Hindu Squats                        40 seconds rest

20 Hands backwards pushups/ 20 Hindu Squats        40 seconds rest

20 Reverse pushups/ 20 Hindu Squats                        40 seconds rest

20 "Benchpress" pushups/ 20 Hindu Squats                40 seconds rest

20 Fingertip pushups/ 20 Hindu Squats                        40 seconds rest

20 Navy Seals pushups/ 20 Hindu Squats                    40 seconds rest

20 One Leg pushups/ 20 Hindu Squats                    40 seconds rest

20 Hindu Pushups with feet together/ 20 Hindu Squats    40 seconds rest

20 Hand-Over-Hand Pushups/ 20 Hindu Squats            40 seconds rest

20 Hands wide pushups/ 20 Hindu Squats   

Total of 200 pushups and 200 Hindu Squats in less than 25 minutes. You can make this workout tougher by reducing the rest time.

300: Great movie! This 300 workout takes only 10-11 minutes. Next time you are sitting around bored, get busy with this one. No excuses!

Pushups: 30 reps    rest 30 seconds    10 sets total= 300 Pushups in 10-11 minutes.

(You can vary your hand position any way you want: hands narrow, medium, wide, back, or on fists)

Hindu Squats: 30 reps    rest 30 seconds    10 sets total= 300 Hindu Squats in 10-11 minutes.